Learning Outcomes
Bachelor of Business (Hons) – Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship creates value and contributes to all round progress. It is an integrating discipline that draws on knowledge and skills developed in a variety of areas.
Entrepreneurial endeavours are successful when they identify and assess opportunities and enable action to be taken to pursue the opportunities.

The program’s curriculum blends the traditional components of a management education with the study of the content, skill and sensitivity areas that uniquely define entrepreneurship. Through a combination of academic and clinical experiences, students will develop an appreciation and understanding of the entrepreneurial process.

On completion of the program, graduates will understand the motivations, behaviour and strategies necessary to create, implement and sustain new ideas and ventures.


Bachelor of Business (Hons) – Entrepreneurship  is a Program from Help University, Malaysia with Akademi Entrepreneurship Terang Bangsa, which took place in Semarang City. The Program’s Curriculum is structured by The Faculty of Business from Help University, Malaysia and we, Akademi Entrepreneurship Terang Bangsa, are one of the Overseas Learning Center.

Students graduated from this program are entitled to the Bachelor of Business Degree, Majoring in Entrepreneurship. Students with at least 2.50 GPA will also be entitled to honours award. The required time to complete this degree is 3 (three) years, which is shorter in comparison with other degrees.

The main objective of this program is to help students from Indonesia to get the advantage of studying and achieving an international business degree, specifically in entrepreneurship major while enjoying the costs benefits of living in Semarang, Indonesia.

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